Care Boxes From Home
WOW!!  we have a few more people from all over Australia joining in every state and territory has someone helping which is wonderful and the work is wonderful, such talent, have had about over 70 more cards delivered this week alone with more coming so Thank You everyone.

Remember please I do not expect anyone to be sitting there making 100’s of cards, just do what you can if you can send 10 it is great, Card Parties are a wonderful way to get people involved and helping out.

We have a flyer on the download page that if you like you can print out and ask your local scrapbooking shop if you can leave them or hand out at a market stall if you have one, anywhere you might think people are interested, I am going to the market next weekend so will be taking some with me so if i see someone selling scrapbooking items, knitters or sewn stuff, they will be asked if they would like one!!

Even at the local post office ask if you can leave some there, see if your kids have a knitting club at school, or a textiles class, I know my daughter did sewing last year so maybe a school can take on the neck cooler as a project. Again Thank You everyone for all your wonderful help.

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